Smart Meters

Smart Meters

A smart meter is a small device that is wired into the existing switchboard that has two main functions:

Function One

Solar system Smart Meters number one function is to export limit the system if required. In several areas throughout Australia the allowable inverter size of a solar system, connected to the grid, is restricted to 5kW per phase. So, if we install a system that uses, for example, an 8kW inverter we need to export limit the system to 5kW.

Function Two

Solar system Smart Meters number two function is around consumption monitoring. All the inverters we install have built in WiFi. On installation day we connect the inverter to your WiFi router. Once this is connected and we have setup the monitoring app we can see what the system is producing. If we also install a smart meter, we can see also what the property is consuming (consumption monitoring), which can be helpful with managing electricity usage.