The 6 Steps To Solar

The 6 Steps To Getting Solar:



Once you have decided to take the step towards a cheaper, cleaner, and sustainable future, contact us for a no obligation free quote. We will design a quality solar system that suits your needs and budget. We can also visit your home if required to go over some of the finer details and answer any questions you might have.


Site Assessment:

Once you have decided on the system that will best suit your needs, we will complete a site assessment of your property. This site assessment will determine the suitability of your property for solar. We will consider the integrity of your roof, any potential shading issues, the best location for your inverter and any potential hazards.



When you are ready to move forward, we will send you a final proposal that includes a Clean Energy Council approved contract of sale to sign. We then require a 10% deposit. We will then apply for solar pre-approval and enter your details to start the rebate process (where applicable).



Once any applicable rebates have been approved, we will contact you to arrange a suitable installation day. Most solar installations can be done in a day with some larger systems being spread over 2 days, but we will discuss this with you during the site inspection. It is preferred, but not essential, for someone to be home on installation day.


Paperwork & Approvals:

In Victoria, all solar installations need to be inspected by an independent solar inspector prior to the system being turned on. We will arrange for this inspection to take place after we have installed and tested your new solar system. Once the inspector has been out, he will issue us with a certificate of electrical safety. Once we have the certificate of electrical safety, we can complete all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. We will then supply you with warranty, specification and data sheets relating to your system.



All our solar systems have at least a 10-year product warranty and 5-year installation warranty, and although there is minimum maintenance required for solar panels, it is important that they are inspected on a regular basis to make sure that the system is running as efficiently as possible. It is recommended to have an electrical safety check within 12 months from installation and approximately every 2 years after that.

Solar panels are designed to be durable and subject to the elements but they’re not indestructible, in the unusual circumstance that they do sustain damage, get in touch with our team and we will promptly organise an inspection and discuss repairing or replacing the panel.