Pricing Guide

Pricing Guide

The cost of installing a solar system can vary widely and is affected by a range of factors from where you live, the retailer or installer you choose, the warranties available, and the technology and size of your system.

The major factors which will affect the price of a solar system are:

Keeping the above variables in mind, these tables provide an approximate guide on the price range for solar systems in Australia’s major capital cities. Government rebates are included in these figures. Please note that the market costs change quickly so these numbers are illustrative only.

Estimated prices for residential solar systems

System SizeEstimated Price Range
2 kW$2,800 - $5,600
3 kW$2,900 - $6,950
4 kW$3,400 - $7,900
5 kW$3,500 - $9,500
10 kW$7,600 - $14,100

Note: all prices are a guide only and prices in this table include both the up-front incentive available for small-scale systems through the Renewable Energy Target (STCs) and GST – they represent the total out-of-pocket cost of the system to the customer.

Source: Solar Choice – Residential Solar PV Price Index – April 2019.